2012 Spring Shareathon at WKJV Feb 20 - 26.

Live Singing and Preaching.

Join us for Shareathon 2012

WNC's Pure Gospel Choice

asheville, nc
For just a few dollars a month or a one time gift, you can make an eternal investment that could give someone the chance of hearing the gospel and being saved.

To make a pledge, simply click the above Paypal icon.

Listed below are some ways you can give to support the ministry of WKJV Radio.


_1380 Club: $13.80 month

_240 Club: $20.00 month

_Day Sponsor: $400.00 month

Widow's Mite: $5.00 month

_1 Hour: $25.00

_Beacon Club: $500.00

_Lighthouse Club: $1,000

_1 Week Sponsor: $4200





_$Other Amount