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How Satan Turned America Against God

by Dr. William P. Grady

What Hath God Wrought!

by Dr. William P. Grady

Our current century was ushered in by a global Y2K panic. A year later, the United States barely escaped a Constitutional crisis when a 5-4 Supreme Court decision awarded George W. Bush the presidency. The horrors of  9/11 occurred only eight months after that, followed by successive deployments of American forces to Afghanistan and Iraq. The year 2004 ended with a monster tsunami taking the lives of nearly 180,000 people in Southeast Asia.


The Biblical forecast of these events was given in II Timothy 3:1 -- "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come."  Privy to our current nuclear vulnerabilities, the "Father of the Neutron Bomb" (a patriotic, though unregenerate man) concluded his personal memoirs in 2000 with the warning -- "We ought to be terrified!"


Yet, the so-called "Religious Right" would have us believe that a moral reformation is just around the corner. Despite the "spiritual" impact made by the Promise Keepers, Brownsville "Revival", and "Brother" Mel's  Passion, Brittany Spear's used chewing gum still commanded $14,000 on eBay in 2004.


How Satan Turned America Against God  deals with negative reality as opposed to positive fantasy. Contained within its pages are the results of six years' research, encompassing dozens of high-profile interviews, numerous trips abroad, and a bibliography containing 194 entries. As Dr. Grady's extensive readership will attest, the Lord has gifted him with the ability to transform historical data, including indices and other related minutiae, into a format that is understandable, fascinating, and spiritually life changing.


This book reveals America's main purpose for her existence, the tragic repudiation of that role and how Satan orchestrated the process. It will afford the reader with an "understanding of the times....for such a time as this" (I Chron. 12:32, Esther 4:14).


Own your copy today!


972 pages hardback  -  $30


From the Pilgrim Fathers to the Promise Keepers, What Hath God Wrought! unfolds as the most fascinating American history you will ever encounter. Among other facts, the reader will discover:

-Where America is alluded to in scripture -

- Why Columbus was sent back to Spain in shackles -

- Who really murdered Abraham Lincoln -

- How the Battle of Breed's Hill was actually won on Bunker Hill -

- When Bibles were burned and cannons were fired at churches -

- What famous American's portrait hung in Hitler's private office -

- The Baptist pastor who secured America's religious liberty with a handshake -

- At least 15 unheeded warnings about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor -

- The hidden agenda of the Promise Keepers -

And much, much more!!!

    Unlike other histories, What Hath God Wrought! begins with God and examines our nation's most significant events in the light of Holy Scripture. This book contains nearly 700 pages of documentation, including 1,595 endnotes, 303 bibliography entries and 570 Scriptures. It will reveal God's original plan for America, where she has been, and where she is presently headed.


"What Hath God Wrought! is a 'tough book. ' It is plain, honest, and thought-provoking. It contains no compromise, no apologies, and no vagaries."


Dr. Lee Roberson, Pastor and Founder

Highland Park Baptist Church

Chattanooga, Tennessee


668 pages hardback  -  $20



Final Authority

by Dr. William P. Grady

If You Don't Tarry

You Will Commit Spiritual Hara-Kiri

by Dr. Ralph Sexton, Sr.

Final Authority presents a scholarly, yet readable defense of the King James Bible which answers many of the questions being asked by sincere Christians, such as:

> Who were the King James translators?

> Who were  the translators behind the later versions of the Bible?

> Does Mark 16:9-20 belong in my Bible?

> What's wrong with the New International Version?

> Is the NKJV really a King James Version?


> To what extent have Jesuit agents been involved in the attack against the A.D. 1611 Authorized Version?


Final Authority contains enough documentation to please the mind, enough humor to refresh the spirit, and enough truth to warm the heart. This book boldly addresses those issues rarely discussed by critics of the King James Bible.


"Final Authority is not the average impotent study of dry, cumbersome theology, but a lively, informative dissertation of well-founded facts

with enough personality, humor, and satire to make it a joy to read. It is an outstanding defense of  ' the Book '  (King James Bible) - its origin,

its enemies, its history, its power, and its Divine preservation through blood and fire. I find Final Authority to be irrefutable. It is a MUST for every Christian's library."


Dr. Dennis Corle, Editor  

Revival Fires Newspaper  


392 pages hardback  -  $20

What in the world is hara-kiri?


Roget's International Thesaurus says it is any form of self destruction, self murder, suicide, death by one's own hand.


This is the age of suicide. Whatever is going on in the secular world, you will ordinarily have the same thing going on in the spiritual world.


This generation has cast overboard the sacredness of marriage vows and is living together in open adultery, fornication, and is shacking up.


And so it is in many of our churches across the Nation, from the large denominations to the small groups. The same attitude of "I DON'T CARE" rules and reigns supreme in many of our churches, congregations, fellowships and religious organizations across this nation and throughout the land.


If there is a thirsting, there will be a tarrying. Without this tarrying, according to Luke 24:49, you will surely commit spiritual hara-kiri.


In other words, you will strike out, fail, become a tinkling cymbal and sounding brass. The flesh will fail you, but the blessed Holy Spirit will take you through the waters, the trials, the tribulations, and the fire, and bring you home, more than a conqueror, through our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


It is my hope that this book shows you how to tarry, see the everlasting glory, and become filled with the Holy Spirit.

-- Dr. Ralph Sexton, Sr.



108 pages paperback - $8

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