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"From the Desk of Dr. J. Wendell Runion"

"Looking for His Coming in 2014"

In light of the second coming of Jesus Christ, Paul warns us to "awake and sleep not". It seems the only time that people are even thinking of the coming of Christ is when there is turmoil in Israel. Surely God's dealing with the Jew is God's time piece.

The Lord is truly dealing with his people. God used WWI to prepare them a homeland by driving out the Muslims and brought it under British control. WWII then prepared the hearts of the people of the world to give them the right to a homeland, the Nation of Israel.

The Jew has been hated by most of the world ever since God chose Abraham and his seed as his people in Genesis 12.

With all this in mind we know the rapture is near. But why just get excited when there is turmoil in Israel, why not stay excited? Otherwise we hear very little preaching about the coming of Christ.

Dr. Lee Robertson said the messages he had preached about Christ's return has resulted in more souls being saved than any other sermon he preached.

1380 WKJV and WKJW 1010 continually try to warn the lost and comfort the saints with this message. If it wasn't for radio stations like us and a few preachers like the ones who are partners in this ministry probably no one would even think of the imminent return of our Lord.

Therefore we ask you first of all to continue tithing and supporting the ministries of your local church. Secondly we ask if you would continue supporting these radio stations with your free will offerings.

It is now time for the Fall Shar-a-Thon and this ministry cannot operate without the care and concern of God's people like you.

If you have never helped financially would you pray about becoming a partner with 1010 AM and 1380 AM now during our fundraiser.

Again in Light of His coming let's all work and pray together to keep the message going forth.


From Bro. Randy Keener, Assistant Manager

"Be Faithful Until He Comes"

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly, Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20

This is the last promise in the Bible from the lips of Jesus. For 2,000 years, Bible believers have trusted that the return of Christ is imminent (any moment).

My encouragement to you, is that you would continue in faithfulness. We are experiencing what the Apostle Paul referred to as a great falling away. The pull of modernism is increasing effort to draw the Christian to a state of compromise. The Church has suffered severe digressions in recent years in membership and values. While these facts may evoke discouragement, don't get down, because soon the church is going up. Be faithful until our Lord comes. Help us to be faithful and remain on the air with your gift of support to "Pure Gospel Radio" WKJV and "Christian 1010" WKJW!

2014 Fall Shar-a-thon

September 15th - 21st

Verse: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout"
I Thesssalonians 4:16a

Theme Song: "What A Day That Will Be"

Our Goal: $65,000.00

$13.80 - 1380 Club

$20 - 240 Club

$25 - 1 Hour Sponsor

$52 - Widow's Mite

$400 - Day Sponsor

$500 - Beacon Club

$1000 - Lighthouse Club

$4200 - 1 Week Sponsor

Give Early! Give Online!

Call Us at (828) 252-1380

All Early gifts will be included in the total 2014 Fall Shar-a-thon Amount.

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